Ruben Luna is an award winning choreographer having won many choreography competitions including 3 first place wins at the UCWDC world championships, Las Vegas Dance Explosion, Chicago Windy City Line Dance Mania, Boston Showdown and Ft Wayne Dance For All. Ruben has also been nominated for several Dancer choice awards including Dance of the Year and Male Instructor of year. Ruben received the 2009 Dancers Choice Horizon Award and recently received the 2013 Dancers Choice Male Personality of the Year Award.
Ruben’s love of dance helped him create popular dances such as “Hey Soul Sister” (co-written with Bracken Ellis) which reached the #1 spot for approx. 8 weeks in Carol Cravens WLDN),  “Regresa”, “If I Could Change”, “Just The Two Of Us”, “A Little Party” (co-written with Jill Babinec  “Trendin” (co-written with Sobriello and the Kinsers) and “Smooth Operator” (co-written with Michael Barr, Scott Schrank)
Ruben owes his success in line dance to his wife Susanna for without her he may never have line danced. She was persistent in asking him to take a class with her which he refused because he did not think he would like it very much. Eventually Ruben decided to attend a line dance class and a dance addict was born. Ruben began taking lessons 3 days a week and eventually began choreographing. 
Ruben enjoys traveling and teaching line dance throughout the country and recently has expanded to other parts of the world including the U.K., Mexico and Canada.
When not dancing you will find Ruben watching sports, hiking, traveling, spending time with family and running his own Marketing & Advertising businesses.

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